Happy The Man                       


1 Starborne (Watkins) 4:22
2 Stumpy Meets The Firecracker In Stencil Forest (Whitaker) 4:16
3 Upon The Rainbow (Befrost) (Watkins-Wyatt) 4:42
4 Mr. Mirror's Reflections On Dreams (Watkins) 8:54
5 Carousel (Wyatt) 4:06
6 Knee Bitten Nymphs In Limbo (Whitaker) 5:22
7 On Time As A Helix Of Precious Laughs (Wyatt) 5:22
8 Hidden Moods (Watkins) 3:41
9 New York Dream's Suite (Wyatt) 8:32

Mike Beck: Percussion
Rick Kennell: Electric Bass
Stanley Whitaker: Six and Twelve String Guitars, Lead Vocals
Frank Wyatt: Saxes, Flute, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Kit Watkins: Mini Moog, Acoustic Piano, Rhodes Piano, Arp String Ensemble, Hammond B3, Hohner Clavinet, Flute, Marimba
Produced by Ken Scott

Eric Smith: Road Manager
Steven Meeks: Stage Lighting
Kenny Baily: Stage Manager
Wayne Garber: Sound Engineer
Live Sound Provided by Ace Pace
Cover Art: Mary Walsh Photo/ Dennis Luzak Illustration Back cover Photography: Mary Walsh Inner Sleeve Photo: Benno Friedman Design & Art Direction: Bob Heimall

Special thanks: Jack Anderson, Larry Aronson, David Bach, Kenna Beck, Roger Birnbaun, The Bhongers, Sue Bradbury, Meg Brenner, Mike Brigante, Fred Brown, Geri Calkins, Mary Chappell, Clive Davis, Hal Dean, Steve Durham, Dude, David Eltzroth, Our Families, Stu Fine, Andrea Fisher, Tim Flynn, Cliff Fortney, Howard Fritzson, Gary Funston, Joyce Garber, Jeff Garringer, Geroge and Dee Dee, Sally Heldrich, Mark Homes, Tom Hook, Jim Hoover, Johnny Hornberger, Johnny's Parents, Bill Hunter, Paul Ipoc, Izzy, Ed Kenestrick, Leah Kennell, Alice, Kimball, David Knapp, Bonnie Leon, Nina Levine, Marilyn Lipsius, Crain Mauck, Nancy Jo Morrissey, Tim Moses, Prof. Mota, Dan Owen, Tim Pace, Robin Parr, John Paul, Skip Pizzi, Pup, Suzy Rappold, Ron Reedy, Eddie Ross, Jo Ryle, Ed Sclafani, Donna Sholar, Barbara Smith, C. Shaw Smith, Bob Steinem, Charlie Thomas, Jody Walker, Chris Wellons, Geroge West, Ken Whitaker, Steve Witt, Mike Zirkle. Additional thanks to: Neil Graham of the Percussion and to Paul Reed Smith for the Beautiful Handcrafted Guitars.